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Where’s My Bailout?

I’ve decided that it is patently unfair that the public education system gets to have millions of my tax dollars to do a bad job, and I get “bopkus” to do a great job. Where is the incentive to improve for the public school system, I wonder? Homeschoolers can barely get a tax break for the supplies they buy that work…but the public school system sinks millions of dollars into “guess-the-next-word” reading curriculum that even teachers scoff at.

Don’t get me wrong, I would never ask for government intervention or funding for my homeschool, but I would like to keep more of our family’s money from going into the sinkhole that is public education.

Now, I’m hearing about “nationalized preschool”. Are you kidding me? More taxes, more government education, more failure. What we really need is “nationalized parenting”. Parents who take an interest in their children and make sure they are prepared morally and academically for life. Government teachers are not parents; they are paid academic employees and asking them to also be mom, dad, counselor, pastor, and social worker is just too much. Some would say, what else are we to do???… Those same folks would say that talking about family values is polarizing. I say… you’ve talked about everything else, now try something that’s worked since the beginning of time… the truth. A family unit is the best place to raise children, encourage abstinence until marriage, and pray for those that you can’t reach. It has worked since Genesis, why not now?


2 thoughts on “Where’s My Bailout?”

  1. It does kind of sting that not only do we save the govt. thousands by educating at home, but we must contribute a LOT of money to support a system everyone knows is broken and can’t be fixed.

    Great post!

  2. Thank you! It really makes me mad, not only, that we must continue to financially support this mess of a system, but that homeschoolers are constantly barraged with criticisms and harassment for being responsible loving parents.

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