Homeschooling Through the Summer?

Sorry, I’ve been absent soooo long, but I needed a little break after my daughter’s Homeschool Prom, the end of our Coop, the REACH homeschool convention, and lastly, the end of my CBS bible study group! Whew!

I was asked yesterday by a super-new homeschool mom what I do during the summer. I thought my answer would make a great post so here it is.

In the summer, we continue homeschooling, but in a more relaxed atmosphere. I’m not trying to finish curriculum unless we got really behind that year. We really focus on enrichment. My daughters take a few classes here and there with small groups, attends academic camps, or form book clubs with their friends. We focus on encouraging strengths, shoring up weaknesses, and providing volunteer opportunities.

Oh sure, we go on vacations, but like always school can come with us…. not school in the way you think, but school in the sense that we take with us always the opportunity to learn, grow, and try new things.