The Providence of Patience…

Recently, I made an interesting discovery. The very best curriculum I’ve used has been free or cost almost nothing! I know this sounds funny, but I’ve discovered when I rushed out and purchased things that I thought my children needed to succeed, we would barely go through the first few pages. However, when I least suspected it, someone would give me something that didn’t work for them, and “ta-dah” it was perfect for my homeschool! Throughout it all, I’ve realized that had I been patient from the beginning, instead of going nuts trying to obtain the “it” thing, I would have gotten what I needed, not what I wanted, right from the beginning, and saved myself and my household a lot of time and money. This has truly taught me the power of giving even small things to God in prayer. This year I resolved that I would surrender my wants for his will. I would not become obsessed trying to afford things that I could not afford, and I would not make a budget that was a suggestion… I would remain disciplined knowing that God would provide what money could not.
Even at the convention which was the source of much anxiety last year, I could see his provision. I wanted to purchase a transcript software, but it was not in the budget.. I found one for free in the gleaning at the end of the HEAV convention. It works wonderfully. I wanted a high school literature program.. it was on my heart, but not in the budget. Again, another free find. I had been desperately searching for an algebra program for my daughter and another homeschool mom blessed me with just what I needed… no charge!
My prayer for you is that you will not allow budget constrictions to keep you from being the best homeschool teacher you can be. Delight yourself in the fact that God answers prayers and that through your faithful patience; he does provide.


1 thought on “The Providence of Patience…”

  1. I totally agree w/free and waiting on God’s direction for what to use in school. Much of the material I use was free and the material I bought was after much prayer and patience until I found exactly what I was looking for. W/all of the available teaching material, what you want is somewhere out there. All I have to say is keep looking, He’ll show it to you.

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