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Getting Organized…

Well, at this point in the year, I really begin thinking about how I will organize my upcoming homeschool year. I ordered Managers of Their Homes, and I am devouring Teri’s great advice on scheduling for the homeschool family. I also had the good fortune to stumble upon Sue Patrick’s Workbox system and now I’m really trying to figure out how I can combine Teri’s schedule and Sue’s workbox to make something perfect for me.
What I like about Teri’s scheduling is that I can see just how much I have to get done in a glance, and my kids are not constantly asking me what comes next; they can see for themselves and work independently. I love that she schedules in time for the kids to play with each other and personal time for herself (what’s that?). I don’t like the finality of the Maxwell schedule however. Maybe I won’t FEEL like Math at 9am on Tuesday? Maybe, just once, I’d rather do English with my 10yr old at 9am on Tuesday. Then what?
Which brings me to what I like about the Workbox system. I love the “neat-i-ness” of it. The neat clear boxes on the “neat” rolling cart, your child just goes from box to box during the day until they have completed all 12 boxes. Yes, 12 boxes! Each child must have 12 clear boxes on a rolling cart containing the day’s lessons and activities, including boxes that allow for games and enrichment activities that always seem to slip through the cracks during normal school days. I love that the kids “check-in” to school each day via “neat” little paper pockets and laminated “school cards”. Nice. What I don’t like is that with 3 children that means I’d have to have 3 rolling carts with a total of 36 of those little boxes! Please… I barely have room for the kids in my school room.
So now, here’s what I’m thinking will work best for me, perhaps a book shelf with 4 clear containers for each child.
container 1 (daily work for home – English, math, music, etc), container 2 (Co-op Work- work that must be completed for our weekly coop- science, rhetoric, spanish,etc), container 3 (CBS – work that must be completed for weekly bible study), and container 4 (Enrichment Activities and Games). Next, I will have a schedule that allots time for School+a box number only but doesn’t assign a particular subject at a particular time – when a child sees “School” and a box number on their schedule they will know to go to their assigned box/container and pull out their assignments for the day and do them in the order that pleases them.
Okay, I’ll post pictures when I get this all set-up. What do you all think? Genius or disaster?


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