Are You New to Homeschooling?

In an earlier post I talked about my Notebook idea. Well, I chucked the work-boxes all-together. Its just tooo many boxes for me to buy. Instead, I am using Homeschool Easy Records lesson planning/transcript/school records software, and it is working fabulously! I have version 2, and it was just what I was looking for. I create assignment sheets for each child that spans a 2-week time period using the Homeschool Easy Records Software. I print them out every other Sunday. This software allows me to enter new lesson plans anytime, bump up or down lessons when we take the odd “mental health day”, and create a basic transcript for my teen with the click of a button.

I then hole-punch these assignment sheets and place them at the front of their homeschool notebooks. For the record, each child has 2 notebooks – with tabbed dividers for each class. One HOME – homeschool notebook (for all the classes I teach at home), and one Co-Op Notebook for any lessons taught in their Co-Op. Its sooo wonderful to tell them to just grab their notebook, and I can instantly see what they have completed- or not, as the case may be!

Well, this is what has worked for us. I pray that your organization efforts are just as fruitful and successful!