My 4th Grader is a Great Teacher!

Now, this may not seem a likely topic for a homeschool mom, but it is the most fitting one. If you have read any of my earlier post you know that I was really trying to be “scheduled” this year. Well, the Maxwells suggested something I’d never thought of before; schedule time for the kids to teach each other. I wasn’t sure how this would work for me since my children are pretty far apart in ages, but I thought I’d give it a go.

I decided to schedule my 4th grade daughter a 30-minute time slot where she would teach her 4-year old brother phonics three times per week. I figured it would be reinforcement for her and for him a bit of fun with sister at the very least. Actually, what has happened is that my little boy has learned numbers, letters, handwriting, colors, math, and beginning reading skills all from his very serious 4th grade teacher. I was not expecting her to take the job so seriously. She expects him to pay attention and do homework! I have been pleasantly amazed! I’ve even purchased additional phonics supplies based on her very professional suggestions.
“Mom, he needs more practice on his colors. Can you buy a game for him?”
How could a good homeschool mom say no to that?

I must say that this arrangement has given me the free time I need to have one-on-one time with my high-school daughter without worrying about the where-abouts of my 4-year old! Not to mention, that my 4 year old has learned oodles from his very motivated big sister. Also, my 4th grader’s reading has improved by leaps and bounds since she is reviewing those basic phonics concepts daily! Eureka!
Now, this is why I homeschool!