The Future of Education


2 thoughts on “The Future of Education”

  1. Well, I agree with it except where it says that public school is a 19th century devise. King Charlemagne set up free schools for boys in his Frank kingdom in the middle ages- at least according to Story of the world. It doesn’t seem that free education is the problem, I like free :), but what we learn there- as “proven” by tidy little flow charts. I think we can still get a good education in a group setting but not have it impede us. But then again, I teach creativity and freedom of expression and thought, so all this does is affirm my world view 🙂
    Go art teachers of the world- and glorious homeschoolers of all kinds.

  2. As always, the government is 4 years, at least, behind a discovery or economic movement. Therefore, your education if by public school is at least 4 years behind the true needs of the country. Its a sad sorry state of affairs.

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