Preping your Homeschool Teen for Higher Education

You may be tempted as a homeschool mom to ignore the academic world beyond your front door, however if you have a homeschool teen please don’t give in to this temptation!

My homeschool teen and I just arrived back from a lovely trip to Boston to allow her to take some rigorous classes at MIT(Massachusettes Institute of Technology). While I pride myself on providing a challenging academic program at home, it was lovely to see my hard work validated and for her to gain experience in a highly diverse academic environment.

This experience required that she find her way on a fairly large college campus and be mentally engaged in several academic topics covered in several classes during the week. On our arrival, my daughter may have felt slightly overwhelmed and little short on confidence that she could do it, however to her surprise she found her way, learned something new, and met new friends. She is now more confident than ever that she is ready for college and life beyond.

I encourageyou, as a homeschool parent, to make every attempt to find micro-expriences such as these to give your student a boost of confidence for their academic future!

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Homeschooling, Laziness, Boredom, and Acheivement

I’ve recently discovered something about homeschooling. My child can at once appear lazy and bored, yet be fully engaged in the learning process.

Now, I know what you’re thinking; “that kid’s got her fooled”. Say what you will, but think about what I’m saying. Kids don’t always “look” engaged when in reality… they are. Case in point, my daughter was listening to music and making a “click click” noise repetatively on the computer. I looked at her and thought, uggh, why isn’t she doing something productive. Almost as if she had read my mind she takes off her headphones and jumps up and down enthusiastically… apparently she finally achieved first grade status as a Japanese student. You mean that “click click” blob I was looking at was learning Japanese??

Hmmm… you mean learning can take place not at a desk with a workbook? Perhaps, it can take place where and when you least expect it and horrors, without my help?!

I’ve had to get used to this type of thing, but its a nice thing to get used to… Kids learn in their own ways, and when you give them time and space to explore… you never know what will happen!