Who Needs an Audio Book????

Well, another strange title from a homeschool mom, but when I explain it will make sense I promise.

I wanted to encourage my 4th grader to read more. I wanted her to began to read more complex books and stories. Now, how to do this without severe reticence on the part of the 4th grader?

I told her I wanted to hear the stories. She will read to me and her family without so much as a blink, but if I had asked her to read them for purely academic reasons… forget it. She sat down and began to read book after book to me. Some, I didn’t even request…. turns out she likes having a bit of an audience. Amazingly, often when she’s reading “to me” I’m reading something else. She doesn’t seem to care whether I’m actually paying attention to exactly what she’s reading just as long as I’m near and reasonably quiet. Go figure.

Its almost as if all she needs to really get into learning is a caring parent who doesn’t mind listening. Hmmmmm.