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Just Discovered: Upcoming Homeschool Events!

Connecting Nutrition, Behavior, and Learning
Given by Jane Hersey
Jane Hersey:
* Began using the Feingold diet in 1975
* Became a volunteer in 1976
* Feingold Association Director since 1985
* Editor of Pure Facts
* Author of:
o Why Can’t My Child Behave?
o Healthier Foods for Busy People
o What are all those funny things in food? … and should I eat them?

The workshop will be given at:
Williamsburg Christian Church
200 John Tyler, Williamsburg, VA.
Tuesday, March 23rd, from 12-2pm.
RSVP: catrynajackson (at) hotmail (dot)com

To learn more about Feingold visit their website:

27th Annual HEAV Homeschool Convention & Educational Fair
Home Education: For Their Future
June 10-12, 2010
Greater Richmond Convention Center
Richmond, Virginia

Well-Trained Mind Events
Jessie Wise
June 10-12
Home Educators Association of Virginia
Richmond, Virginia

Susan Wise Bauer
June 24-26
Society for Classical Learning
Williamsburg, Virginia

Classical Conversations
Williamsburg VA 3-day Parent Practicum
From Monday, May 24 2010 – 9:00am
To Wednesday, May 26 2010 – 4:00pm
Great Wolf Lodge, 549 E. Rochambeau Dr, Williamsburg, VA.


1 thought on “Just Discovered: Upcoming Homeschool Events!”

  1. Hi Catryna,
    Love the site and can’t wait to take a look around more. Hoping to go the the convention this summer, would have loved to have gone last summer but missed out. Have you been in the past and are you going this summer? Would love to chat more about it:)
    You contacted me about my Wall Art and I am at a loss for how to contact you more directly. Can you please email me your email address to wordupwallart[at]hotmail[dot]com so that we can connect? Thanks and I look forward to meeting and working with you!
    Take care,

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