Just Discovered: Sneaky Summer School

Okay, I have been missing in action lately… trying to make that last push to finish our school goals and objectives for the year so the poor blog has taken a serious back seat.

But, now I’m back! … and with a new discovery no less. Sneaky Sneaky… its not happening summer school! I had to have a bit of a heart to heart with my oldest because she is just working on her math at a veritable snail’s pace… so I told her don’t worry about it you can just finish over the summer and start your next year’s math right after you’re done, as punishment. She was thrilled that she got extra time on her math, and I was thrilled that she would now begin next year’s math a month early and not have months of forgetfulness in-between. This year is an important year for my 11th grader. She needs to take PSATs, ACTs, and SATs this year, and since it is her weakest subject… it will be the first one she forgets so having her do it all summer with a few short breaks is the best way I know that will allow the material to remain fresh in her mind. Yes, sneaky sneaky summer school..

Okay, so I do the same thing with my 5th grader. I let her do her history at a snail’s pace during the year so we have the summer to finish and up and just start next year’s while we’re at it. We have had the best “school” when we were just hanging out for the summer!
Happy sneaky summer school!


2 thoughts on “Just Discovered: Sneaky Summer School”

  1. When learning is fun, you don’t need a break from it. I think what public school kids’ need a break from is the drudgery; the institutionalization of learning, not actual learning itself. Good for you for making learning a part of life, and not desiring or needing a break from teaching. You’re awesome Catryna!

  2. So awesome…. Glad to hear that you are all enjoying it, so much to learn from you Obie One. It is crazy how children can love to learn, when it is the right environment!!!!!!!

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