Just Discovered: What, My Grades Are Too Low?!

The most amazing thing happened at our co-op last week that I had to share with the entire homeschooling community at large!
We had a college admissions officer visit our co-op here in Williamsburg and basically admonish us on our transcripts. She said that we needed to include more courses designated as “Honors” or “Advanced” and weight those grades. She said that because we were not offering a weighted GPA our students were missing out on scholarship money and competitive admissions opportunities. She then proceeded to go down the list of what she considered missed opportunities for homeschoolers on their transcripts.

#1 Not including absolutely every accomplishment on the transcript. This Admissions officer said no one wants to search through and try to find your resume and various other pieces of paper to find out what you’ve been doing the last 3/4 years. It should be listed on that transcript.

#2 Designating Intramural or Team Sports as Honors or Advanced PE. You work hard; you should be recognized for it with a weighted grade!

#3 Not designating Upper Level Music Lessons/Performance/Theory as “Honors Music” or “Advanced Music”

#4 Not designating enough Freshman level classes as “Honors” classes if not “Advanced” particularly Classical and Great Books curricula that required intensive reading.

#5 Not designating dual-enrollment classes as having 6.0 quality points for an A instead of 5.0 or worse 4.0 quality points on a 4.0 GPA scale!

#6 Not providing both a weighted and unweighted GPA. I did not even know I had to do this!

These were amazing eye-openers to our entire group!


2 thoughts on “Just Discovered: What, My Grades Are Too Low?!”

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