A New Season

It is a new homeschool season! A brand new opportunity to shape and mold the next generation. I am so happy thus far with my curriculum choices! My middle schooler is continuing with Saxon via her DIVE CDs. She is also taking an IEW class along with Latin. Her older sister is teaching her Chinese and at home we are creating our own SOTW FileFolder books! BJU Science 6 has been a real success. The Activity book is very good! We are also reading Prentice Hall Lit. Her story this week was an excerpt from the Joy Luck Club.

I don’t know about you; but I have renewed energy for the year. I think my mother would call this getting your sea legs. I know what works and what doesn’t and all is well.

A big change is my son Scott is now  attending a private school 3 days per week. He loves it.  He sees boys 3 days per week and it has really helped keep me get him going. This arrangement has also allowed me more time to work with the older kids. Every kid needs something different, and this year I am embracing that.

My oldest is now applying for college and doing more SAT prep. I am truly relying on God’s direction and timing in this situation, or it would be super easy to feel overwhelmed!

Praying for peace this year…how about you?


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