Homeschooling Through High School – What I Didn’t Know

Well, I just dropped my oldest off at college in Massachusettes, and I am now realizing something that I never realized before…. I have to let go.

When you embark on the task of homeschooling through high school, you ready yourself for things like expensive classes, academic tug of wars with your teen, finding tutors, and summer camps. What I didn’t realize was how wonderful that time would be with my teen, and how, we would become such good friends. Worst, I didn’t realize that eventually, I would have to let go. After mentoring her through almost every aspect of her being for years, now she must find her own way.  So, I must ready myself for fewer and fewer calls and texts as she makes her own world where she is.

The wonderful thing is I know this is the place God has placed her, and I know He is with her so I don’t see it as the end…. but as a beginning.