Long Overdue Update

I feel terrible for leaving this blog in limbo for so many (gasp) years! Yikes! So much has happened since I last blogged in 2013. So here  are my updates.

My oldest daughter has now graduated from undergrad and is in grad school in Boston. She graduated with Latin Honors, traveled to China with Princeton University, and worked for a Fortune 100 corporation and a start-up tech company as an undergrad intern. She is currently dating a very nice gentleman she met in college and is on her way to a successful career. Turns out homeschooling was really great preparation for the “real” world. There has not been a moment she has not reminded me of something we did as a lark during our homeschool years that ended up setting her apart from her peers at a critical moment. Just having her call me and tell me these stories has encouraged me to be a bit more spontaneous and embrace life’s little larks.

My youngest daughter is now a rising high school senior!! I know! I’m just as stunned as you. You’d think that I would be totally calm and prepared, but um, no. I’m not. I’m running around like a crazy person…. stressing her transcripts and econd guessing everything we’ve done since she was born. Uggghhh Why is she a senior?! Well, nothing to be done at this point but embrace it. She is taking some college classes this year, prepping for her ACTs, and continuing her NSF funded research at a local university. So, we are researching colleges and praying. Once again, I’m praying for His direction and peace.

My son, and 6th grader, is the same handful he has always been. He spent 3years in public school getting services and help for his dyslexia and delayed processing learning disabilities. This was a super hard decision to make, but ultimately the best one for him and our family. He had access to specialists in writing therapies, mathematical manipulatives, and reading which was wonderful. What wasn’t so wonderful was the exposure to behaviors and ideologies that were contrary to our beliefs and his home training. Sadly (or happily), we didn’t even make it to the end of his 5th grade year. We pulled him, literally, 2 months before the end of the year! Truthfully, those teachers were passionate and caring, but the system they work for, well, sucks. It’s a system that devalues PE, music, art, or creativity and substitutes harsh discipline for care.

Well, that’s my update. How about you? Where has your homeschooling journey taken you?