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Wow! It Has Been A While!

I did not mean for such a long time to pass before I updated my blog! Where to begin??  After all of my moaning and complaining about SAT Prep, my dd did just fine.  She will be attending a wonderful college in Boston in the fall! God is good! We both prayed and fasted for God’s providence in her college search. In fact, I am writing a senior devotional to help other families pray through that senior year!

I have 2 not so little ones left at home to homeschool next year. DS will be in  1st grade and dd will be rising to the 7th grade. I am already planning her high school curriculum along with her middle school work. Its just easier to have a long term view on things. Next year, will be so different in our household. We will miss older sis desperately, but we have peace knowing that God has spoken in her life.

Where are you in your journey? I’d love to know!

Blessings Always!!!

curriculum, education, hampton roads, home education, homeschool testing, homeschool transition, homeschooler, homeschooling, new homeschooler, SAT

Embrace SAT Prep for your Homeschooler

I have an 11th grade homeschooler, and I really did not think of SAT prep until about a year before I knew she would need to take the test. However, if I could turn back time, I would have started much sooner. Does that surprise you?
None of us like to think that we are teaching to a test, however, I can’t imagine that you would have done that during their school years anyway so why not be prepared for a test that you know is coming. Taking the SAT will help your homeschooler obtain merit aide and scholarships so why not be prepared?

If I had a magic wand I would go back to her freshman year in high school and that is when I would have started SAT Prep. She would have had it every year until her junior year.
Now, when I say SAT Prep, I don’t mean a formal class, but I do mean taking practice tests. Reading books that focus on vocabulary; taking practice Math and Science exams for the ACT. Timing her essay writing, just to let her know creativity has a time limit.

Yep, if I had a magic wand, that’s what I would do.
Fortunately, I also have a 6th grader, or unfortunately if you talk to the 6th grader!LOL
Nonetheless, her high school years will be very different. Very different.
Ah, hindsight!

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Just Discovered: Upcoming Homeschool Events!

Connecting Nutrition, Behavior, and Learning
Given by Jane Hersey
Jane Hersey:
* Began using the Feingold diet in 1975
* Became a volunteer in 1976
* Feingold Association Director since 1985
* Editor of Pure Facts
* Author of:
o Why Can’t My Child Behave?
o Healthier Foods for Busy People
o What are all those funny things in food? … and should I eat them?

The workshop will be given at:
Williamsburg Christian Church
200 John Tyler, Williamsburg, VA.
Tuesday, March 23rd, from 12-2pm.
RSVP: catrynajackson (at) hotmail (dot)com

To learn more about Feingold visit their website:

27th Annual HEAV Homeschool Convention & Educational Fair
Home Education: For Their Future
June 10-12, 2010
Greater Richmond Convention Center
Richmond, Virginia

Well-Trained Mind Events
Jessie Wise
June 10-12
Home Educators Association of Virginia
Richmond, Virginia

Susan Wise Bauer
June 24-26
Society for Classical Learning
Williamsburg, Virginia

Classical Conversations
Williamsburg VA 3-day Parent Practicum
From Monday, May 24 2010 – 9:00am
To Wednesday, May 26 2010 – 4:00pm
Great Wolf Lodge, 549 E. Rochambeau Dr, Williamsburg, VA.

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Homeschooling, Laziness, Boredom, and Acheivement

I’ve recently discovered something about homeschooling. My child can at once appear lazy and bored, yet be fully engaged in the learning process.

Now, I know what you’re thinking; “that kid’s got her fooled”. Say what you will, but think about what I’m saying. Kids don’t always “look” engaged when in reality… they are. Case in point, my daughter was listening to music and making a “click click” noise repetatively on the computer. I looked at her and thought, uggh, why isn’t she doing something productive. Almost as if she had read my mind she takes off her headphones and jumps up and down enthusiastically… apparently she finally achieved first grade status as a Japanese student. You mean that “click click” blob I was looking at was learning Japanese??

Hmmm… you mean learning can take place not at a desk with a workbook? Perhaps, it can take place where and when you least expect it and horrors, without my help?!

I’ve had to get used to this type of thing, but its a nice thing to get used to… Kids learn in their own ways, and when you give them time and space to explore… you never know what will happen!

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Homeschool with a Theme!

The longer I homeschool, the more awesome people I meet and the better the ideas get.

I was talking to my good friend, Ang, a longtime homeschool veteren, and she was telling me that some years she chooses all of her curriculum based on a theme. This year’s theme was to improve “thinking skills” so she ordered most of her curriculum from Critical Thinking Press. I thought this was the most awesome idea ever!

Not only are all of her children learning the same basic principles together, but she kept the cost of homeschooling down by focusing on one major area she wanted her entire family to focus on. All supplemental materials and family activities have been based on this theme; how this must have made shopping so much easier. How mentally freeing it must have been; to pass up things that tend to just add to the curriculum clutter, because she could shop with her theme in mind!

Now, if only I could narrow down all of my ideas down to just one theme…..

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Where’s My Bailout?

I’ve decided that it is patently unfair that the public education system gets to have millions of my tax dollars to do a bad job, and I get “bopkus” to do a great job. Where is the incentive to improve for the public school system, I wonder? Homeschoolers can barely get a tax break for the supplies they buy that work…but the public school system sinks millions of dollars into “guess-the-next-word” reading curriculum that even teachers scoff at.

Don’t get me wrong, I would never ask for government intervention or funding for my homeschool, but I would like to keep more of our family’s money from going into the sinkhole that is public education.

Now, I’m hearing about “nationalized preschool”. Are you kidding me? More taxes, more government education, more failure. What we really need is “nationalized parenting”. Parents who take an interest in their children and make sure they are prepared morally and academically for life. Government teachers are not parents; they are paid academic employees and asking them to also be mom, dad, counselor, pastor, and social worker is just too much. Some would say, what else are we to do???… Those same folks would say that talking about family values is polarizing. I say… you’ve talked about everything else, now try something that’s worked since the beginning of time… the truth. A family unit is the best place to raise children, encourage abstinence until marriage, and pray for those that you can’t reach. It has worked since Genesis, why not now?

curriculum, education, hampton roads, home education, homeschool testing, homeschooling

Homeschooling a Highschooler…Uggh!

I am beginning to plan my homeschool year for the fall for my rising 10th grader. I have to admit that homeschooling a high schooler is a challenge. Not just the amount of class work that must be covered, but the daily burdens of just training her up for life. I find new things every day that I have to cover or at least mention.

This year, I am definitely going to finally purchase a transcript software. I am looking at these:
Diploma Creator
Transcript Pro I think the co-creator of this software is having a Transcript bootcamp at the HEAV Conference this year.
BlackBaud I like this one because I teach coop classes and this will keep my home and school classes organized
Homeschool Minder
Homeschool Tracker

Our curriculum so far:
Bible – Community Bible Study (CBS)

English composition – Clep – 6 credits

Algebra 1 – “Saxon Algebra 1 Kit and DIVE CD 3rd Edition“>Saxon Homeschool Kit with Dive/Saxon Teacher

Biology – “Exploring Creation with Biology SET with Textbook, Solutions/Tests and Companion CD“>Apologia Biology via Homeschool Coop

Latin II – “Wheelock’s Latin (Wheelock’s Latin)“>Wheelock Latin Text via Tutor

American Government – Clep Prep lesson plan

Music – Piano/drums/guitar via tutors and dad

PE – Tennis/Swim/Field Hockey – via Homeschool Coop

Rhetoric/Debate – “Skills For Rhetoric: Encouraging Thoughtful Christians To Be World Changers (Broadman & Holman Literature)“>Classical Rhetoric via Homeschool Coop

Finance Education – “Money Matters Workbook for Teens (ages 15-18)“>Teen Money Management by Larry Burkett
or Dave Ramsey Homeschool Finance Education Kit

Are you already planning for next year?