Discovering Your Child’s Gifts and Learning Styles

I homeschooled in the dark for the first year before I discovered the phenomena of learning styles or how to develop your child’s gift. I went through so much curriculum; it was ridiculous. I kept picking things that I loved, but my kids just didn’t get. I really thought that if I just got something Christian and cool it would just magically work. Not a chance.

However, after I understood that each one of my children were unique little individuals and with unique learning styles… and that learning style could be easily matched to its own curriculum… well, then I was in homeschool nirvana. So for every family that is in the switch or panic stage or a little of both here are some excellent resources that will help you decide your child’s unique learning style, talents and gifts early on for a smooth transition!

  • Discover your children’s Gifts – Here is the first book I read as a new homeschooling mom! This website has so much information but please read <a href=”Discover Your Children’s Gifts“>Discover your Children’s Gifts by Don and Katie Fortune. The book is $17 but the information is priceless. It helped me see that as a homeschooling mom my first priority was to nurture the gifts God had already blessed them with. My book included the 13-week study guide.


They break children’s giftings into 7 distinct areas:
I go a step further and relate that to curriculum choices based on MY experiences only. I give the information in hopes that it gives you a direction to start from.

Perceiver A strong Perceiver is highly intelligent, tries very hard to excel, and is sometimes very dramatic and emotional. They will excel with most any curriculum Christian Liberty Press, Sonlight, Alpha Omega, however they will soar if you nurture their true talent first. Whether it be music or art, find out what motivates them.

Server Are typically shy and always asks how they can help. They evaluate new material by how helpful it will be later. Servers will excel with Unit Studies like Konos, My Fathers World, and Tapestries of Grace. Look for curriculum that either weaves a theme or can be related to everyday life.

Teacher Strong Teachers are unemotional and typcially detached a bit from every day goings ons. However, they are quite verbal and communicative. Teachers are the true academics and will love a structured no nonsense core curriculum. They will not like anything sing-song or cutesy. Just give’em the work mom. Abeka, Saxon, Rod & Staff, Memoria Press, or Veritas.

Exhorter Outgoing, social, and fun loving. Exhorters are busy children! As elementary students try Five In A Row, Charlotte Mason, Montessori, or Waldorf educational methods. Try Winston Grammar, PreMath-It, Math-It, or Math-U-See for core curriculum choices. As Middle School and High School students find as many hands-on curriculum as possible. Coops are a must for your Exhorter, they love to be social.

Giver Sometimes shy, practical, and always realistic. Givers have a few good friends and like to get along with everyone. Givers will have an interest in geography, history, and business. They will have a lemonade stand and be the first to want a job. Givers want a lesson of study that underscores thier primary interests. Themed studies unit or not will go over big with your giver. Always weave money into math lessons. Choose Rod & Staff and curriculum with moral lessons.

Administrator Natural leaders and visionaries. They get bogged down with details. While self-disciplined, they can be BIG procrastinators. BJU, Christian Light, Sonlight, Veritas, Memoria Press, Singapore Math, and McGuffey

Compassion Lovable, helpful, giving, and the most vulnerable. They hurt easily and are the most idealistic. They excel at creative writing try Learning Language through Literature, Life of Fred, and Horizons. Your best investment for your Compassion child is tutoring for music, art, or dance.

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2 thoughts on “Discovering Your Child’s Gifts and Learning Styles”

  1. this was a lifesaver! I found the link at HSS and i believe you just saved me months of time and countless dollars. Thank you so much for this post!

  2. I am so glad this blog blessed you. I have enjoyed the discovery of homeschooling my children and pray the same opportunity for you!

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