Did You Hear About My Transition?

If you are thinking of homeschooling, new to homeschooling, or just interested in learning more this talk is for you!
Williamsburg Classical Community Homeschool Co-op presents:

A True Leap of Faith…..
Making the Transition from Public/Private School to Homeschooling

With both tears and laughter, this talk will detail the many mistakes and epiphanies we underwent when we transitioned our children from “school” to homeschool. This talk will focus on the numerous considerations of a mid-“public” school year transition for our then middle school student and a planned homeschool beginning for our then kindergartner. This talk will also share our ups and downs and humorous adventures along the way. It is our prayer that this talk will encourage other beginning homeschoolers and rise up a new generation of homeschool families who may be sitting on the fence.

If you were unable
– to make this talk,
– did not receive a hand-out,
– if you would like to suggest a future topic, or
– would like for me to come to your group…
Contact me here!


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